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  1. subsidise:


Detailed Translations for subsidise from English to Swedish


to subsidise verb, British

  1. to subsidise (interrogate; interpellate; question; )
    förhöra; utfråga
    • förhöra verb (förhör, förhörde, förhört)
    • utfråga verb (utfrågar, utfrågade, utfrågat)
  2. to subsidise (subsidize)
    subsidiera; stödja; subventionera
    • subsidiera verb (subsidierar, subsidierade, subsidierat)
    • stödja verb (stöder, stödde, stött)
    • subventionera verb (subventionerar, subventionerade, subventionerat)

Translation Matrix for subsidise:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
förhöra grant; hear; interpellate; interrogate; question; subsidise; subsidize audit; check; examine; inspect; verify
stödja subsidise; subsidize aid; assist; attend; back; back up; be attentive; be helpful; carry; carry along; do good; extend the hand; help; make oneself useful; prop up; second; shore; support
subsidiera subsidise; subsidize
subventionera subsidise; subsidize
utfråga grant; hear; interpellate; interrogate; question; subsidise; subsidize
- subsidize

Synonyms for "subsidise":

Related Definitions for "subsidise":

  1. support through subsidies1
  2. secure the assistance of by granting a subsidy, as of nations or military forces1