Detailed Translations for sway from English to Swedish


to sway verb (sways, swayed, swaying)

  1. to sway (cradle; swing; rock; roll)
    svaja; gunga; vagga
    • svaja verb (svajar, svajade, svajat)
    • gunga verb (gungar, gungade, gungat)
    • vagga verb (vaggar, vaggade, vaggat)
  2. to sway (stagger; falter)
    vackla; vingla; stappla; ragla
    • vackla verb (vacklar, vacklade, vacklat)
    • vingla verb (vinglar, vinglade, vinglat)
    • stappla verb (stapplar, stapplade, stapplat)
    • ragla verb (raglar, raglade, raglat)
  3. to sway (waddle; stagger)
    rulta; vagga fram som en anka; vagga
    • rulta verb (rultar, rultade, rultat)
    • vagga fram som en anka verb (vaggar fram som en anka, vaggade fram som en anka, vaggat fram som en anka)
    • vagga verb (vaggar, vaggade, vaggat)
  4. to sway (lull; craddle)
    svänga; vagga; gunga
    • svänga verb (svänger, svängde, svängt)
    • vagga verb (vaggar, vaggade, vaggat)
    • gunga verb (gungar, gungade, gungat)
  5. to sway (wobble; whirl)
    gunga; svänga; vagga; svaja; kränga
    • gunga verb (gungar, gungade, gungat)
    • svänga verb (svänger, svängde, svängt)
    • vagga verb (vaggar, vaggade, vaggat)
    • svaja verb (svajar, svajade, svajat)
    • kränga verb (kränger, krängde, krängt)

Conjugations for sway:

  1. sway
  2. sway
  3. sways
  4. sway
  5. sway
  6. sway
simple past
  1. swayed
  2. swayed
  3. swayed
  4. swayed
  5. swayed
  6. swayed
present perfect
  1. have swayed
  2. have swayed
  3. has swayed
  4. have swayed
  5. have swayed
  6. have swayed
past continuous
  1. was swaying
  2. were swaying
  3. was swaying
  4. were swaying
  5. were swaying
  6. were swaying
  1. shall sway
  2. will sway
  3. will sway
  4. shall sway
  5. will sway
  6. will sway
continuous present
  1. am swaying
  2. are swaying
  3. is swaying
  4. are swaying
  5. are swaying
  6. are swaying
  1. be swayed
  2. be swayed
  3. be swayed
  4. be swayed
  5. be swayed
  6. be swayed
  1. sway!
  2. let's sway!
  3. swayed
  4. swaying
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

sway [the ~] noun

  1. the sway (fluctuation; swing; oscillation; swinging; nutation)
    svängning; fluktuation

Translation Matrix for sway:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
fluktuation fluctuation; nutation; oscillation; sway; swing; swinging
gunga swing
svängning fluctuation; nutation; oscillation; sway; swing; swinging
vagga cot; cradle; crib; sleeping place for babies; swing-cot
- careen; rock; tilt
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
gunga craddle; cradle; lull; rock; roll; sway; swing; whirl; wobble dangle; heave; oscillate; rock; roll; shake; shiver; swing; swing to and fro; tremble; wobble
kränga sway; whirl; wobble
ragla falter; stagger; sway
rulta stagger; sway; waddle
stappla falter; stagger; sway have a limp; hobble; limp; walk with a limp
svaja cradle; rock; roll; sway; swing; whirl; wobble
svänga craddle; lull; sway; whirl; wobble arch; bow; curve; oscillate; reverse; shift; swing; swing around; swingle; turn; twist; veer
vackla falter; stagger; sway jolt; lurch; rock
vagga craddle; cradle; lull; rock; roll; stagger; sway; swing; waddle; whirl; wobble heave; roll; wobble
vagga fram som en anka stagger; sway; waddle
vingla falter; stagger; sway
- carry; persuade; rock; shake; swing
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
vackla faltering; wavering

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Synonyms for "sway":

Related Definitions for "sway":

  1. pitching dangerously to one side1
  2. controlling influence1
  3. move back and forth or sideways1
    • the tall building swayed1
  4. cause to move back and forth1
    • the wind swayed the trees gently1
  5. move or walk in a swinging or swaying manner1
  6. win approval or support for1
    • His speech did not sway the voters1

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Cross Translation:
sway influera influerfaire impression sur une chose, exercer sur elle une action qui tendre à la modifier.

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