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Detailed Translations for take place from English to Swedish

take place:

to take place verb (takes place, took place, taking place)

  1. to take place (occur; happen; pass)
    inträffa; hända
    • inträffa verb (inträffar, inträffade, inträffat)
    • hända verb (händer, händde, händt)
  2. to take place (happen; occur; arise)
    ske; hända; inträffa
    • ske verb (sker, skedde, skett)
    • hända verb (händer, händde, händt)
    • inträffa verb (inträffar, inträffade, inträffat)

Conjugations for take place:

  1. take place
  2. take place
  3. takes place
  4. take place
  5. take place
  6. take place
simple past
  1. took place
  2. took place
  3. took place
  4. took place
  5. took place
  6. took place
present perfect
  1. have taken place
  2. have taken place
  3. has taken place
  4. have taken place
  5. have taken place
  6. have taken place
past continuous
  1. was taking place
  2. were taking place
  3. was taking place
  4. were taking place
  5. were taking place
  6. were taking place
  1. shall take place
  2. will take place
  3. will take place
  4. shall take place
  5. will take place
  6. will take place
continuous present
  1. am taking place
  2. are taking place
  3. is taking place
  4. are taking place
  5. are taking place
  6. are taking place
  1. be taken place
  2. be taken place
  3. be taken place
  4. be taken place
  5. be taken place
  6. be taken place
  1. take place!
  2. let's take place!
  3. taken place
  4. taking place
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

take place

  1. take place (be enacted)
  2. take place

Translation Matrix for take place:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
hända arise; happen; occur; pass; take place come about; elapse; expire; go by; happen; pass
inträffa arise; happen; occur; pass; take place come about
ske arise; happen; occur; take place come about; elapse; expire; go by; happen; pass
- come about; fall out; go on; hap; happen; occur; pass; pass off
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
försiggå take place
utspelas be enacted; take place

Synonyms for "take place":

Related Definitions for "take place":

  1. come to pass1

Wiktionary Translations for take place:

take place
  1. to happen

Cross Translation:
take place äga rum erfolgenAmtsdeutsch, nur unpersönlich: stattfinden, sich ereignen, getan werden (der Inhalt des Tuns steckt im Subjekt des Satzes)
take place äga rum avoir lieuse passer ou se dérouler dans un endroit.

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