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Detailed Translations for thicken from English to Swedish


to thicken verb (thickens, thickened, thickening)

  1. to thicken (concentrate; condense)
    koncentrera; mätta; förtjocka
    • koncentrera verb (koncentrerar, koncentrerade, koncentrerat)
    • mätta verb (mättar, mättade, mättat)
    • förtjocka verb (förtjockar, förtjockade, förtjockat)
  2. to thicken (boil down; concentrate; reduce; condense)
    koncentrera; reducera; kondensera; koka av
    • koncentrera verb (koncentrerar, koncentrerade, koncentrerat)
    • reducera verb (reducerar, reducerade, reducerat)
    • kondensera verb (kondenserar, kondenserade, kondenserat)
    • koka av verb (kokar av, kokade av, kokat av)
  3. to thicken (become thicker)
    • tjockna verb (tjocknar, tjocknade, tjocknat)
  4. to thicken (boil down; concentrate; condense)
    tjockna; koka in
    • tjockna verb (tjocknar, tjocknade, tjocknat)
    • koka in verb (kokar in, kokade in, kokat in)

Conjugations for thicken:

  1. thicken
  2. thicken
  3. thickens
  4. thicken
  5. thicken
  6. thicken
simple past
  1. thickened
  2. thickened
  3. thickened
  4. thickened
  5. thickened
  6. thickened
present perfect
  1. have thickened
  2. have thickened
  3. has thickened
  4. have thickened
  5. have thickened
  6. have thickened
past continuous
  1. was thickening
  2. were thickening
  3. was thickening
  4. were thickening
  5. were thickening
  6. were thickening
  1. shall thicken
  2. will thicken
  3. will thicken
  4. shall thicken
  5. will thicken
  6. will thicken
continuous present
  1. am thickening
  2. are thickening
  3. is thickening
  4. are thickening
  5. are thickening
  6. are thickening
  1. be thickened
  2. be thickened
  3. be thickened
  4. be thickened
  5. be thickened
  6. be thickened
  1. thicken!
  2. let's thicken!
  3. thickened
  4. thickening
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they


  1. thicken

Translation Matrix for thicken:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
förtjocka concentrate; condense; thicken
koka av boil down; concentrate; condense; reduce; thicken
koka in boil down; concentrate; condense; thicken
koncentrera boil down; concentrate; condense; reduce; thicken
kondensera boil down; concentrate; condense; reduce; thicken condense
mätta concentrate; condense; thicken satiate; satisfy; satisfy one's hunger; saturate
reducera boil down; concentrate; condense; reduce; thicken crop; cut down; economise; economize; lower; mark down; minimise; minimize; reduce; save; scale down; shorten; trim
tjockna become thicker; boil down; concentrate; condense; thicken
- inspissate
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
avreda thicken

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Antonyms for "thicken":

Related Definitions for "thicken":

  1. become thick or thicker1
    • The sauce thickened1
  2. make thick or thicker1
  3. make viscous or dense1
    • thicken the sauce by adding flour1

Wiktionary Translations for thicken:

Cross Translation:
thicken reda andicken — eine flüssige Speisezutat beispielsweise mit Mehl oder einem Gelierstoff dickflüssiger machen


thick adj

  1. thick (bulky)
    – not thin; of a specific thickness or of relatively great extent from one surface to the opposite usually in the smallest of the three solid dimensions 1


  1. thick (thickened)

Translation Matrix for thick:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- midst
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- buddy-buddy; chummy; compact; deep; dense; heavyset; slurred; stocky; thickset
AdverbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- thickly
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
diger bulky; thick
redd thick; thickened

Related Words for "thick":

Synonyms for "thick":

Antonyms for "thick":

Related Definitions for "thick":

  1. abounding; having a lot of1
    • the top was thick with dust1
  2. (used informally) associated on close terms1
    • the two were thick as thieves for months1
  3. having component parts closely crowded together1
    • thick crowds1
    • a thick forest1
    • thick hair1
  4. spoken as if with a thick tongue1
    • the thick speech of a drunkard1
  5. (of darkness) very intense1
    • thick night1
    • thick darkness1
  6. hard to pass through because of dense growth1
    • thick woods1
  7. having a short and solid form or stature1
  8. not thin; of a specific thickness or of relatively great extent from one surface to the opposite usually in the smallest of the three solid dimensions1
    • an inch thick1
    • a thick board1
    • a thick sandwich1
    • spread a thick layer of butter1
    • thick coating of dust1
    • thick warm blankets1
  9. relatively dense in consistency1
    • thick cream1
    • thick soup1
    • thick smoke1
    • thick fog1
  10. in quick succession1
    • misfortunes come fast and thick1
  11. with a thick consistency1
    • the blood was flowing thick1
  12. the location of something surrounded by other things1

Wiktionary Translations for thick:

  1. relatively great in extent from one surface to another
  2. measuring a certain number of units in this dimension
  3. heavy in build
  4. densely crowded or packed
  5. having a viscous consistency
  6. impenetrable to sight
  7. informal: stupid
  1. thickly

Cross Translation:
thick tjock; kraftig dick — zähflüssig
thick väldig mächtig — beeindruckende, große Ausmaße habend
thick diger; fet; tjock gros — Qui a beaucoup de circonférence ou de volume.
thick oklar touffu — Qui est en touffe, qui est épais, bien garnir.
thick tjock; grov épais — Qui a une certaine mesure dans la dimension transversale.
thick tjock; grov épais — Fort, solide.
thick tät épais — Nombreux, serré, touffu.