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Detailed Translations for twine from English to Swedish


to twine verb (twines, twined, twining)

  1. to twine
    tvinna; spinna ihop
    • tvinna verb (tvinnar, tvinnade, tvinnat)
    • spinna ihop verb (spinner ihop, spann ihop, spunnit ihop)
  2. to twine (braid; plait; plait in)
    fläta; fläta in
    • fläta verb (flätar, flätade, flätat)
    • fläta in verb (flätar in, flätade in, flätat in)
  3. to twine (braid; plait in; plait)
    • fläta verb (flätar, flätade, flätat)

Conjugations for twine:

  1. twine
  2. twine
  3. twines
  4. twine
  5. twine
  6. twine
simple past
  1. twined
  2. twined
  3. twined
  4. twined
  5. twined
  6. twined
present perfect
  1. have twined
  2. have twined
  3. has twined
  4. have twined
  5. have twined
  6. have twined
past continuous
  1. was twining
  2. were twining
  3. was twining
  4. were twining
  5. were twining
  6. were twining
  1. shall twine
  2. will twine
  3. will twine
  4. shall twine
  5. will twine
  6. will twine
continuous present
  1. am twining
  2. are twining
  3. is twining
  4. are twining
  5. are twining
  6. are twining
  1. be twined
  2. be twined
  3. be twined
  4. be twined
  5. be twined
  6. be twined
  1. twine!
  2. let's twine!
  3. twined
  4. twining
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

twine [the ~] noun

  1. the twine (packthread; string)


  1. twine (wriggle; wind)

Translation Matrix for twine:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
inpacknings tråd packthread; string; twine
- string
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
fläta braid; plait; plait in; twine
fläta in braid; plait; plait in; twine
spinna ihop twine
tvinna twine
- distort; enlace; entwine; interlace; intertwine; lace; roll; twist; wind; wrap
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
slingring twine; wind; wriggle wind; winding

Related Words for "twine":

  • twines

Synonyms for "twine":

Antonyms for "twine":

Related Definitions for "twine":

  1. a lightweight cord1
  2. form into a spiral shape1
  3. spin,wind, or twist together1
  4. make by twisting together or intertwining1
    • twine a rope1
  5. arrange or or coil around1

Wiktionary Translations for twine:

  1. strong thread

Cross Translation:
twine väva tisser — Faire de la toile ou d’autres étoffes en croiser ou entrelacer sur un métier les fils dont elles devoir composer.

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