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  1. unadulterated:


Detailed Translations for unadulterated from English to Swedish


unadulterated adj

  1. unadulterated (genuine; real)
  2. unadulterated (pure)
    ren; rent
  3. unadulterated (unmixed; pure)


  1. unadulterated (uncorrupted)

Translation Matrix for unadulterated:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ren reindeer
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
oförvanskad unadulterated; uncorrupted
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
genuin genuine; real; unadulterated genuine; serious; straight
oblandat pure; unadulterated; unmixed mere; pure
oförfalskat genuine; real; unadulterated pure; straight
ren pure; unadulterated; unmixed clean; cleaned; cleansed; cut; decent; edited; expurgated; fair; honest; maidenly; mere; neat; pristine; pure; reputable; respectable; tidied; tidy; unspoiled; untainted; untouched; virginal; virtuous; worthy
rent pure; unadulterated blatant; chaste; clean; cleaned; cleansed; cut; decent; downright; edited; expurgated; fair; honest; immaculate; impeccable; maidenly; mere; plain; pristine; pure; reputable; respectable; sheer; spotless; straight; tidied; undefiled; unspoiled; untainted; untouched; virginal; virtuous; worthy
sann genuine; real; unadulterated sincere
verkligt genuine; real; unadulterated actual; actually; indeed; material; real; really; tangible; true; veritable

Synonyms for "unadulterated":

Related Definitions for "unadulterated":

  1. not mixed with impurities1
    • unadulterated maple syrup1