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  1. uncouple:


Detailed Translations for uncouple from English to Swedish


to uncouple verb (uncouples, uncoupled, uncoupling)

  1. to uncouple (disconnect)
    avkoppla; ta loss
    • avkoppla verb (avkopplar, avkopplade, avkopplat)
    • ta loss verb (tar loss, tog loss, tagit loss)
  2. to uncouple (unhitch)
    släppa; koppla av; koppla från; koppla lös
    • släppa verb (släpper, släppte, släppt)
    • koppla av verb (kopplar av, kopplade av, kopplat av)
    • koppla från verb (kopplar från, kopplade från, kopplat från)
    • koppla lös verb (kopplar lös, kopplade lös, kopplat lös)

Conjugations for uncouple:

  1. uncouple
  2. uncouple
  3. uncouples
  4. uncouple
  5. uncouple
  6. uncouple
simple past
  1. uncoupled
  2. uncoupled
  3. uncoupled
  4. uncoupled
  5. uncoupled
  6. uncoupled
present perfect
  1. have uncoupled
  2. have uncoupled
  3. has uncoupled
  4. have uncoupled
  5. have uncoupled
  6. have uncoupled
past continuous
  1. was uncoupling
  2. were uncoupling
  3. was uncoupling
  4. were uncoupling
  5. were uncoupling
  6. were uncoupling
  1. shall uncouple
  2. will uncouple
  3. will uncouple
  4. shall uncouple
  5. will uncouple
  6. will uncouple
continuous present
  1. am uncoupling
  2. are uncoupling
  3. is uncoupling
  4. are uncoupling
  5. are uncoupling
  6. are uncoupling
  1. be uncoupled
  2. be uncoupled
  3. be uncoupled
  4. be uncoupled
  5. be uncoupled
  6. be uncoupled
  1. uncouple!
  2. let's uncouple!
  3. uncoupled
  4. uncoupling
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for uncouple:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
avkoppla disconnect; uncouple
koppla av uncouple; unhitch relax; take it easy
koppla från uncouple; unhitch disconnect; undock; unplumb
koppla lös uncouple; unhitch
släppa uncouple; unhitch be discharged; cast; cast out; discharge; dismiss; drop; fire; free; give up; grant an amnesty; launch; lay off; let down; let drop; let fail; let fall; let go; let go down; let loose; liberate; loosen; release; relinquish; renunciate; rid of; sack; set free; start; throw off; throw out; unlace; untie; work loose
ta loss disconnect; uncouple
- decouple
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
släppa release

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  1. disconnect or separate1
    • uncouple the hounds1