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Detailed Translations for ventilate from English to Swedish


to ventilate verb (ventilates, ventilated, ventilating)

  1. to ventilate (bring something up)
    ta upp något; ventilera något
    • ta upp något verb (tar upp något, tog upp något, tagit upp något)
    • ventilera något verb (ventilerar något, ventilerade något, ventilerat något)
  2. to ventilate
    vädra; ventilera; lufta
    • vädra verb (vädrar, vädrade, vädrat)
    • ventilera verb (ventilerar, ventilerade, ventilerat)
    • lufta verb (luftar, luftade, luftat)
  3. to ventilate (give expression to; express; utter; )
    tolka; ge uttryck åt
    • tolka verb (tolkar, tolkade, tolkat)
    • ge uttryck åt verb (ger uttryck åt, gav uttryck åt, givit uttryck åt)
  4. to ventilate (supply; feed; energize; energise)
    • tillhandhålla verb (tillhandhåller, tillhandhöll, tillhandhållit)

Conjugations for ventilate:

  1. ventilate
  2. ventilate
  3. ventilates
  4. ventilate
  5. ventilate
  6. ventilate
simple past
  1. ventilated
  2. ventilated
  3. ventilated
  4. ventilated
  5. ventilated
  6. ventilated
present perfect
  1. have ventilated
  2. have ventilated
  3. has ventilated
  4. have ventilated
  5. have ventilated
  6. have ventilated
past continuous
  1. was ventilating
  2. were ventilating
  3. was ventilating
  4. were ventilating
  5. were ventilating
  6. were ventilating
  1. shall ventilate
  2. will ventilate
  3. will ventilate
  4. shall ventilate
  5. will ventilate
  6. will ventilate
continuous present
  1. am ventilating
  2. are ventilating
  3. is ventilating
  4. are ventilating
  5. are ventilating
  6. are ventilating
  1. be ventilated
  2. be ventilated
  3. be ventilated
  4. be ventilated
  5. be ventilated
  6. be ventilated
  1. ventilate!
  2. let's ventilate!
  3. ventilated
  4. ventilating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for ventilate:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ge uttryck åt express; express oneself; give expression to; impersonate; reveal oneself; speak; talk; utter; ventilate formulate; phrase; put into words; word
lufta ventilate
ta upp något bring something up; ventilate
tillhandhålla energise; energize; feed; supply; ventilate
tolka express; express oneself; give expression to; impersonate; reveal oneself; speak; talk; utter; ventilate impersonate; interpret; personify; portray; render; represent; take up; transcribe; translate; understand
ventilera ventilate air; give vent to; let off steam; vent; work off
ventilera något bring something up; ventilate
vädra ventilate sniffle; snuffle
- air; air out; give vent; vent

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Synonyms for "ventilate":

Related Definitions for "ventilate":

  1. expose to cool or cold air so as to cool or freshen1
  2. furnish with an opening to allow air to circulate or gas to escape1
    • The architect did not think about ventilating the storage space1
  3. give expression or utterance to1
  4. circulate through and freshen1
    • The gust of air ventilated the room1
  5. expose to the circulation of fresh air so as to retard spoilage1
    • Wheat should be well ventilated1

Wiktionary Translations for ventilate:

Cross Translation:
ventilate lufta; vädra lüftenintransitiv: einem Raum Frischluft zu- oder abführen
ventilate ventilera ventilerrenouveler l’air au moyen d’un ventilateur.