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  1. waste away:


Detailed Translations for waste away from English to Swedish

waste away:

to waste away verb (wastes away, wasted away, wasting away)

  1. to waste away (trifle away)
  2. to waste away (languish; wither; pine; long for; pine away)
    längta; tråna
    • längta verb (längtar, längtade, längtat)
    • tråna verb (trånar, trånade, trånat)
  3. to waste away (disapearing; languish; wither; pine away)
    • försvinna verb (försvinnar, försvinnade, försvinnat)

Conjugations for waste away:

  1. waste away
  2. waste away
  3. wastes away
  4. waste away
  5. waste away
  6. waste away
simple past
  1. wasted away
  2. wasted away
  3. wasted away
  4. wasted away
  5. wasted away
  6. wasted away
present perfect
  1. have wasted away
  2. have wasted away
  3. has wasted away
  4. have wasted away
  5. have wasted away
  6. have wasted away
past continuous
  1. was wasting away
  2. were wasting away
  3. was wasting away
  4. were wasting away
  5. were wasting away
  6. were wasting away
  1. shall waste away
  2. will waste away
  3. will waste away
  4. shall waste away
  5. will waste away
  6. will waste away
continuous present
  1. am ting away
  2. are ting away
  3. is ting away
  4. are ting away
  5. are ting away
  6. are ting away
  1. be wasted away
  2. be wasted away
  3. be wasted away
  4. be wasted away
  5. be wasted away
  6. be wasted away
  1. waste away!
  2. let's waste away!
  3. wasted away
  4. wasting away
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for waste away:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bortnöta trifle away; waste away
försvinna disapearing; languish; pine away; waste away; wither beat it; bugger off; bugger up; buzz off; clear out; disappear; duck out; evaporate; fuck off; get; get lost; get on; go astray; go away; go to hell; make a duck; move on; pack it; piss off; push off; scram; skedaddle; slip quietly into the night; split; squeeze out of it; vanish
längta languish; long for; pine; pine away; waste away; wither aspire; aspire to; strive after; strive for; work towards
tråna languish; long for; pine; pine away; waste away; wither ache to; have one's heart set on; hope; languish; long for; pine; to want something very badly; yearn

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