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  1. acercar empujando:


Detailed Translations for acercar empujando from Spanish to English

acercar empujando:

acercar empujando verb

  1. acercar empujando
    to shove in; to press in; to push in
    • shove in verb (shoves in, shoved in, shoving in)
    • press in verb (presses in, pressed in, pressing in)
    • push in verb (pushes in, pushed in, pushing in)

Translation Matrix for acercar empujando:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
press in acercar empujando comprimir; exprimir
push in acercar empujando abollar; acostar; apretar; arropar; cazar hacia dentro; empujar; hundir; oprimir
shove in acercar empujando

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