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  1. cifrado (cifrado de datos)
    the data encryption; the encryption; the encipherment
    – The process of converting readable data (plaintext) into a coded form (ciphertext) to prevent it from being read by an unauthorized party. 1
  2. cifrado
    the cipher
    – The particular algorithm used to transform a readable message (called plaintext or cleartext) into an unreadable, scrambled, or hidden message (called ciphertext). 1

Translation Matrix for cifrado:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cipher cifrado cifra; clave; clave secreta; criptografía; código; código secreto; escritura cifrada
data encryption cifrado; cifrado de datos
encipherment cifrado; cifrado de datos
encryption cifrado; cifrado de datos

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Cross Translation:
cifrado encryption VerschlüsselungUmwandlung einer lesbaren Information mittels eines Verfahrens in eine nur mit einem Schlüssel lesbare Form