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  1. delimitador:


Detailed Translations for delimitador from Spanish to English



  1. delimitador (marcador)
    the anchor; the bookmark
    – A location or selection of text in a file that you name for reference purposes. Bookmarks identify a location within your file that you can later refer or link to. 1
  2. delimitador
    the delimiter
    – One or more special characters used to separate peers in a delimited structure, at any level (fields, records, and so on). 1

delimitador verb

  1. delimitador
    to anchor
    – To manipulate an interface element, such as a toolbar, so that it maintains the relative position to the anchored edges, when the display orientation or size changes. 1
    • anchor verb (anchors, anchored, anchoring)

Translation Matrix for delimitador:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
anchor delimitador; marcador ancla; anclaje del objeto; apoyo; canecillo; sostén
bookmark delimitador; marcador favorito; marcapáginas
delimiter delimitador
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
anchor delimitador amarrar; anclar; atar; echar el ancla; fondear