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  1. diagrama de árbol:
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Detailed Translations for diagrama de árbol from Spanish to English

diagrama de árbol:

diagrama de árbol

  1. diagrama de árbol
    the pegging
    – The process of tracing the quantity of a required item to its source. 1
  2. diagrama de árbol
    the tree diagram
    – A type of block diagram with tree shapes to represent hierarchies, such as family trees or tournament plans. 1

Translation Matrix for diagrama de árbol:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
pegging diagrama de árbol
tree diagram diagrama de árbol

Wiktionary Translations for diagrama de árbol:

Cross Translation:
diagrama de árbol tree diagram Baumdiagramm — Darstellungsmittel, das die hierarchische Struktur von Komponenten veranschaulicht

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