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  1. imparcial:
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Detailed Translations for imparcial from Spanish to English


Translation Matrix for imparcial:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
neutral pasota
objective apuesta; destino; destino de viaje; destino final; fin; gol; intencion; intención; meta; objetivo; objetivo final; objeto; plan; propósito; proyecto
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
impartial desapasionado; imparcial; objetivo; sobrio neutro
indifferent conciso; constante; desinteresado; imparcial; imparcialmente; inmutable; invariable con indiferencia; cruel; desinteresado; despiadado; duro; inconmovible; insensible; severo; sin corazón
neutral desapasionado; imparcial; objetivo; sobrio neutro
objective desapasionado; imparcial; objetivo; sobrio
unbiased desapasionado; imparcial; objetivo; sobrio

Related Words for "imparcial":

  • imparciales

Synonyms for "imparcial":

Wiktionary Translations for imparcial:

  1. treating all parties, rivals or disputants equally
  2. having no stake in the outcome
  3. impartial or without bias or prejudice

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