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Detailed Translations for luminosidad from Spanish to English


luminosidad [la ~] noun

  1. la luminosidad
    the luminosity
  2. la luminosidad (brillo)
    the brightness
    – The amount of light that is emitted by a computer monitor or picture displayed on the monitor. 1
  3. la luminosidad (luminancia)
    the luminosity; the luminance
    – The perceived brightness component of a given color, as opposed to its hue or its saturation. 1

Translation Matrix for luminosidad:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
brightness brillo; luminosidad abertura máxima del diafragma; agudeza; astucia; claridad; claro; idea; iluminación; intelecto; inteligencia; intensidad luminosa; listeza; lumbre; luz; lámpara; penetración; perspicacia; transparencia
luminance luminancia; luminosidad
luminosity luminancia; luminosidad abertura máxima del diafragma; brillo; claridad; claro; iluminación; intensidad luminosa; limpidez; lumbre; luz; lámpara; lúcidez; pureza; resplandor; serenidad; transparencia

Synonyms for "luminosidad":

Wiktionary Translations for luminosidad:

  1. rate at which a star radiates energy
  2. state of being luminous

Cross Translation:
luminosidad lightness Helligkeit — Vorhandensein von Licht

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