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Detailed Translations for muro from Spanish to English


muro [el ~] noun

  1. el muro (pared)
    the wall; the wooded bank
  2. el muro (fortificación; barrera; seto)
    the wall

Translation Matrix for muro:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
wall barrera; fortificación; muro; pared; seto amurallamiento
wooded bank muro; pared fortificación de madera; muelle de madera

Synonyms for "muro":

Wiktionary Translations for muro:

  1. defensive rampart built up of earth, stone etc.
  2. structure built for defense surrounding or separating an area

Cross Translation:
muro wall muur — verticale vlakke constructie van steen
muro wall Mauer — Bauwerk in Form einer freistehenden Wand (manchmal mit einem Gang darin)
muro wall Mauer — Wand eines Gebäudes aus Stein, Beton oder auch Lehm
muro wall mur — Ouvrage de maçonnerie.

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