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Detailed Translations for pata de gallo from Spanish to English

pata de gallo:

pata de gallo [la ~] noun

  1. la pata de gallo (pata de araño; garabatos; garrapatas)
    the scrawl
  2. la pata de gallo
    the mantrap; the caltrop
  3. la pata de gallo
    the Crow's Foot
    – A specification language for describing data structures. You can use the Crow's Foot entity and relationship shapes to diagram the structure of databases. 1

Translation Matrix for pata de gallo:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Crow's Foot pata de gallo
caltrop pata de gallo cepo
mantrap pata de gallo cepo
scrawl garabatos; garrapatas; pata de araño; pata de gallo anotación; apunte; garabatos; nota; pintarrajo; rasguñar; raspadura
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
scrawl escribir con mala letra; garabatear; pintarrajear; pintorrear

Wiktionary Translations for pata de gallo:

Cross Translation:
pata de gallo chicken scratch; squiggle; scrawl Pfoteohne Plural; abwertend: (nicht oder schlecht lesbare) Handschrift

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