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Detailed Translations for persistencia from Spanish to English


persistencia [la ~] noun

  1. la persistencia (perseverancia; tenacidad)
    the persistence; the tenacity; the pertinacity; the keeping up
  2. la persistencia
    the persistence
    – The saving of the state of a workflow instance or a service to a storage medium, so that it can be unloaded from memory or recovered after a system failure. 1

Translation Matrix for persistencia:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
keeping up perseverancia; persistencia; tenacidad
persistence perseverancia; persistencia; tenacidad perseverancia; tenacidad; tesón
pertinacity perseverancia; persistencia; tenacidad
tenacity perseverancia; persistencia; tenacidad avaricia; avidez; cicatería; codicia; mezquindad; mezquinidad; roña; roñosería; tacañería

Synonyms for "persistencia":

Wiktionary Translations for persistencia:

  1. property of being persistent

Cross Translation:
persistencia persistence volharding — de wil om waar men mee begonnen is ten einde toe uit te voeren
persistencia persistence persistentievolharding
persistencia persistency; persistence PersistenzAllgemein: Dauerhaftigkeit (eines Zustands), Beharrlichkeit, Ausdauer, Eigensinn