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Detailed Translations for proveedores from Spanish to English



  1. proveedores (cuentas por pagar; ctas. por pagar; P)
    the accounts payable; the A/P
    – A group of posting accounts that show the amounts owed to suppliers or creditors for goods, supplies, or services purchased on credit. 1

Translation Matrix for proveedores:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
A/P P; ctas. por pagar; cuentas por pagar; proveedores
accounts payable P; ctas. por pagar; cuentas por pagar; proveedores acreedores

proveedores form of proveedor:

proveedor [el ~] noun

  1. el proveedor (suministrador; abastecedor)
    the subcontractor; the supply industry
  2. el proveedor
    the supplier
  3. el proveedor
    the vendor
    – A party that supplies products to one or more legal entities in exchange for payment. 1
  4. el proveedor
    the provider
    – In a Web Parts connection, a server control that sends data to a consumer control. A provider can be a WebPart control or any type of server control, but must be designed to function as a provider. A provider must have a special callback method marked with a ConnectionProviderAttribute attribute in the source code. This method provides data to consumer controls in the form of an interface instance. 1
  5. el proveedor
    the provider
    – An in-process dynamic link library (DLL) that provides access to a database. 1
  6. el proveedor
    the provider
    – A company that provides services or content for its customers. 1
  7. el proveedor (proveedor de sincronización)
    the provider; the synchronization provider
    – A software component that allows a replica to synchronize its data with other replicas. 1

Translation Matrix for proveedor:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
provider proveedor; proveedor de sincronización procurador; proveedor de servicios
subcontractor abastecedor; proveedor; suministrador subcontractor; subcontratista
supplier proveedor
supply industry abastecedor; proveedor; suministrador
synchronization provider proveedor; proveedor de sincronización
vendor proveedor comerciante; vendedor ambulante

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  • proveedores

Synonyms for "proveedor":

Wiktionary Translations for proveedor:

  1. one who supplies, a provider

Cross Translation:
proveedor supplier; provider leverancier — beroep|nld iemand die artikelen levert
proveedor supplier LieferantDienstleister: Organisation, die eine Ware für jemanden besorgt oder herstellt und gegebenenfalls auch selbst ausliefern
proveedor provider Providerim engeren Sinne: Anbieter, der Telekommunikations-Dienstleistungen, insbesondere Internetzugang, bereitstellt
proveedor supplier; provider fournisseur — Celui, celle, entreprise ou particulier, qui entreprendre de faire la fourniture de marchandises, de denrées ou celui chez qui on se les procurer.