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Detailed Translations for sifón from Spanish to English


sifón [el ~] noun

  1. el sifón (gabarra; barcaza)
    the syphon; the siphon
    • syphon [the ~] noun, British
    • siphon [the ~] noun, American
  2. el sifón
    the siphon; the syphon; the siphon-trap; the air-trap
  3. el sifón (cuello de cisne)
    the swan's neck

Translation Matrix for sifón:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
air-trap sifón
siphon barcaza; gabarra; sifón
siphon-trap sifón
swan's neck cuello de cisne; sifón
syphon barcaza; gabarra; sifón

Related Words for "sifón":

  • sifones

Synonyms for "sifón":

Wiktionary Translations for sifón:

  1. a bent pipe or tube with one end lower than the other
  2. bend, sag, or other device in a waste-pipe to prevent the escape of noxious gases

Cross Translation:
sifón trap; syphon; siphon Siphon — Geruchsverschluss beim Wasserablauf