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Detailed Translations for suscribirse from Spanish to English


suscribirse verb

  1. suscribirse (registrarse)
    sign up
    – To enroll in a service, often resulting in setting up a new account. 1
  2. suscribirse
    to subscribe
    – To start using the services of a service provider, e.g. an Internet access provider. The subscriber may or may not be charged for the used services. 1
    • subscribe verb (subscribes, subscribed, subscribing)
  3. suscribirse
    to subscribe
    – To request data from a Publisher. 1
    • subscribe verb (subscribes, subscribed, subscribing)

Translation Matrix for suscribirse:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
sign up registrarse; suscribirse contratar; estipular
subscribe suscribirse abandonar; apuntarse; apuntarse para; desahuciar; entregar; escupir; indicar; inscribir; registrar; renunciar a; suscribir; suscribir(se); suscribirse a

Wiktionary Translations for suscribirse:

Cross Translation:
suscribirse subscribe abonneren — een abonnement aangaan
suscribirse subscribe abonnierentransitiv: etwas in einem Abonnement beziehen

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