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  1. validación
    the validation
    – The process of confirming that data passing into the system is correct and complies with predefined rules, definitions, or parameters. All data, whether entered manually or received electronically, must be validated before it can be accepted into the database and before processing can proceed. 1
  2. validación
    the validation
    – The process of comparing files on local volumes with their associated data in secondary storage by Remote Storage. Volumes that are validated ensure that the correct data is recalled from remote storage when a user attempts to open the file from a local volume. 1

Translation Matrix for validación:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
validation validación autentificación; legalización

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validación validity ValiditätZuverlässigkeit einer Aussage, Richtigkeit, Rechtsgültigkeit
validación corroboration; validation; confirmation corroborationrenforcement ou validation d’une thèse, d’une théorie, de dires par le biais d’éléments de preuve, de témoignages.