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  1. zagal:


Detailed Translations for zagal from Spanish to English


zagal [el ~] noun

  1. el zagal (joven)
    the young man; the boy; the youth; the lad; the youngster
  2. el zagal
    the shepherd's boy

Translation Matrix for zagal:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
boy joven; zagal
lad joven; zagal chaval; chico; chiquillo; chiquitín; fulano; golfillo; hombre; hombrecillo; hombrecito; joven; mocito; muchachito; muchacho; niño; rapaz; tipo; tío
shepherd's boy zagal
young man joven; zagal adolescente; amor; caballero; cariño; cielo; corazón; dueño; hidalgo; querido; rey; soberano; tesoro
youngster joven; zagal adolescente; joven; muchachito; púber
youth joven; zagal albores de la vida; chico; gente joven; golfillo; juventud; jóvenes

Related Words for "zagal":

  • zagales, zagala, zagalas

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