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Detailed Translations for duplication from French to German


duplication [la ~] noun

  1. la duplication (doublement; multiplication)
    die Verdoppelung; die Vervielfachung; die Vermehrung; die Vervielfältigung; die Multiplikation
  2. la duplication (multiplication; redoublement)
    die Vervielfachung; die Vermehrung; die Multiplikation

Translation Matrix for duplication:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Multiplikation doublement; duplication; multiplication; redoublement
Verdoppelung doublement; duplication; multiplication fait de doubler
Vermehrung doublement; duplication; multiplication; redoublement accroissement; agrandissement; ascension; augmentation; croissance; crue; hausse; montée
Vervielfachung doublement; duplication; multiplication; redoublement
Vervielfältigung doublement; duplication; multiplication copie; double; duplicata; photocopie; reproduction; réplique

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Cross Translation:
duplication Duplikation duplication — act of duplicating