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Detailed Translations for filiale from French to English


filiale noun

  1. filiale
    the subsidiary
  2. filiale
    the subsidiary
    – A company controlled by another company or corporation. 1
  3. filiale
    the branch office
    – A site that is geographically separated from the central management site. 1

Translation Matrix for filiale:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
branch office filiale agence; bureau auxiliaire; dépendance; succursale
subsidiary filiale

Synonyms for "filiale":

Wiktionary Translations for filiale:

  1. office of an organization with several locations
  2. company owned by a parent company or a holding company

Cross Translation:
filiale childish; childishly; babyish; childlike; kiddy; infantine; infantile; filial; naive; puerile kindlich — einem Kind gleich oder ähnlich, im Zustand eines Kindes