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Detailed Translations for échéance from French to English


échéance [la ~] noun

  1. l'échéance
    the expiry date; the due date
  2. l'échéance
    the day of maturity; the due date; the expiry date
  3. l'échéance
    the due date
    – The date by which some task or action should be completed. 1
  4. l'échéance
    the deadline
    – A target date that indicates when you want a task to be completed and allows you to track the status of the task against that target without imposing a constraint on the schedule. 1

Translation Matrix for échéance:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
day of maturity échéance
deadline échéance date d'échéance; date de clôture; date de fermeture; date envisagée; date limite; délai; détermination de l'heure; fermeture; jour de fermeture; limite de temps; terme; terme sauf imprévus
due date échéance
expiry date échéance

Synonyms for "échéance":

Wiktionary Translations for échéance:

  1. finance|fr commerce|fr termeéchoir le paiement d’une chose devoir.
  1. date of payment
  2. date of return
  3. date on or before which something must be completed

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