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Detailed Translations for alignement from French to English


alignement [le ~] noun

  1. l'alignement
    the alignment
  2. l'alignement
    the alignment
    – The consistent positioning of text, graphics, and other objects. 1
  3. l'alignement
    the registration
    – The process of precisely aligning elements or superimposing layers in a document or a graphic so that everything will print in the correct relative position. 1
  4. l'alignement
    the alignment
    – A condition whereby an index is built on the same partition scheme as that of its corresponding table. 1

Translation Matrix for alignement:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
alignment alignement
registration alignement enregistrement; immatriculation; inscription; réservation

Synonyms for "alignement":

Wiktionary Translations for alignement:

  1. arrangement of items in a line