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Detailed Translations for authentification from French to English


authentification noun

  1. authentification (authentification par mot de passe)
    the authentication; the password authentication
    – The process of verifying the identity of a user, computer, process, or other entity by validating the credentials provided by the entity. Common forms of credentials are digital signatures, smart cards, biometric data, and a combination of user names and passwords. 1
  2. authentification
    the authentication
    – A workflow that is used to perform additional user identity validation before continuing with the request. 1

Translation Matrix for authentification:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
authentication authentification; authentification par mot de passe certification
password authentication authentification; authentification par mot de passe

Synonyms for "authentification":

Wiktionary Translations for authentification:

  1. droit|fr procédure pour authentifier un document, un acte, etc..
  1. proof of the identity of a user logging on to some network

Cross Translation:
authentification authentication authenticatie — (telecommunicatie) (informatica) het proces waarbij iemand nagaat of een gebruiker, een andere computer of applicatie daadwerkelijk is wie hij beweert te zijn