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Detailed Translations for balise from French to English


balise [la ~] noun

  1. la balise
    the beacon; the buoy
  2. la balise
    the can buoy
  3. la balise
    the markup
    – The tags to mark elements, such as text and graphics, in a document to indicate how Web browsers should display these elements to the user and should respond to user actions. 1
  4. la balise
    to tag
    – To request an alert for a specific contact when that contact's presence status changes. 1
    • tag verb (tags, tagged, tagging)
  5. la balise
    the tag
    – In markup languages such as SGML and HTML, a code that identifies an element in a document, such as a heading or a paragraph, for the purposes of formatting, indexing, and linking information in the document. 1
    • tag [the ~] noun
  6. la balise
    the tag
    – A marker used to identify a physical object. An RFID tag is an electronic marker that stores identification data. 1
    • tag [the ~] noun
  7. la balise (balise d'atterrissage; radiophare; piquet; bouée; radiobalise)
    the beacon
  8. la balise (balise d'atterrissage)
    the beacon; the landing beacon
  9. la balise (balise de note)
    the tag; the note tag
    – A marker that can be applied to content or items (like photos or text) to identify certain types of information. This allows the user to find, view and sort tagged items with ease. 1

Translation Matrix for balise:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
beacon balise; balise d'atterrissage; bouée; piquet; radiobalise; radiophare bouée lumineuse
buoy balise
can buoy balise
landing beacon balise; balise d'atterrissage
markup balise majoration; marques; marques de révision
note tag balise; balise de note
tag balise; balise de note attache; autocollant; boucle; crochet; frappe; jeu du chat et de la souris; mot-clé; passant; repère; tape; étiquette
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
tag balise effleurer; frôler; marquer; marquer d'un point; mélanger; toquer; toucher; toucher légèrement; toucher un moment; toucher à peine à; étiqueter

Synonyms for "balise":

Wiktionary Translations for balise:

  1. Perche surmontée d’un objet visible (1)
  2. Marque destinée à l’identification, la description ou la mise en forme d’un élément de document (6)
    • balisetag
  1. notation used to indicate how text should be displayed
  2. nautical: a moored float
  3. signal fire
  4. element of markup language

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