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  1. connecté:


Detailed Translations for connecté from French to English


connecté adj

  1. connecté (lié)
  2. connecté
    signed in
    – Pertaining to an agent who is both subscribed to a group and actively taking calls for that group. While groups can be defined to automatically sign in agents, others allow the agent to specify whether he/she is signed in. 1

Translation Matrix for connecté:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
connected connecté; lié allié; apparenté; attaché; collé; constamment; d'un commun accord; d'une seule voix; familial; fixé; lié; permanent; proche; réuni; sans cesse; sans interruption; solidaire; solidairement; tout le temps; unanime; unanimement; uni
signed in connecté