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  1. emmitouffler:


Detailed Translations for emmitouffler from French to English


emmitouffler verb

  1. emmitouffler (border; fourrer)
    to tuck in; to stuff in; to push in; to cram in
    • tuck in verb (tucks in, tucked in, tucking in)
    • stuff in verb (stuffs in, stuffed in, stuffing in)
    • push in verb (pushes in, pushed in, pushing in)
    • cram in verb (crams in, crammed in, cramming in)

Translation Matrix for emmitouffler:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cram in border; emmitouffler; fourrer
push in border; emmitouffler; fourrer approcher; appuyer; enfoncer; faire couler dans; faire entrer de force; pousser dans; pousser à l'intérieur; rapprocher; rapprocher ou remettre en faisant couler; remettre en place; se glisser dans
stuff in border; emmitouffler; fourrer
tuck in border; emmitouffler; fourrer border; faire bonne chère; glisser; jouir; jouir de; mettre au lit; passer; se régaler