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Detailed Translations for entrelacer from French to English


entrelacer verb (entrelace, entrelaces, entrelaçons, entrelacez, )

  1. entrelacer (entremêler; tisser; enlacer)
    to intertwine; to interlace; to interweave
    • intertwine verb (intertwines, intertwined, intertwining)
    • interlace verb (interlaces, interlaced, interlacing)
    • interweave verb (interweaves, interwove, interweaving)
  2. entrelacer (tresser)
    to braid; to twine; to plait; to plait in
    • braid verb (braids, braided, braiding)
    • twine verb (twines, twined, twining)
    • plait verb (plaits, plaited, plaiting)
    • plait in verb (plaits in, plaited in, plaiting in)
  3. entrelacer (tresser; enlacer)
    to twine
    • twine verb (twines, twined, twining)
  4. entrelacer (entrecroiser)
    to interlace; to interweave
    • interlace verb (interlaces, interlaced, interlacing)
    • interweave verb (interweaves, interwove, interweaving)
  5. entrelacer (entortiller)
    to entwine
    • entwine verb (entwines, entwined, entwining)
  6. entrelacer
    to interlace
    – To display a video frame in two fields. One field contains the even lines of the frame, the other field contains the odd lines. During playback, the lines in one field are displayed first, then the lines in the second field are displayed. 1
    • interlace verb (interlaces, interlaced, interlacing)

Conjugations for entrelacer:

  1. entrelace
  2. entrelaces
  3. entrelace
  4. entrelaçons
  5. entrelacez
  6. entrelacent
  1. entrelaçais
  2. entrelaçais
  3. entrelaçait
  4. entrelacions
  5. entrelaciez
  6. entrelaçaient
passé simple
  1. entrelaçai
  2. entrelaças
  3. entrelaça
  4. entrelaçâmes
  5. entrelaçâtes
  6. entrelacèrent
futur simple
  1. entrelacerai
  2. entrelaceras
  3. entrelacera
  4. entrelacerons
  5. entrelacerez
  6. entrelaceront
subjonctif présent
  1. que j'entrelace
  2. que tu entrelaces
  3. qu'il entrelace
  4. que nous entrelacions
  5. que vous entrelaciez
  6. qu'ils entrelacent
conditionnel présent
  1. entrelacerais
  2. entrelacerais
  3. entrelacerait
  4. entrelacerions
  5. entrelaceriez
  6. entrelaceraient
passé composé
  1. ai entrelacé
  2. as entrelacé
  3. a entrelacé
  4. avons entrelacé
  5. avez entrelacé
  6. ont entrelacé
  1. entrelace!
  2. entrelacez!
  3. entrelaçons!
  4. entrelacé
  5. entrelaçant
1. je, 2. tu, 3. il/elle/on, 4. nous, 5. vous, 6. ils/elles

Translation Matrix for entrelacer:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
braid cordonnet; galon; liseré; passement; passepoil; ruban
twine ficelles
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
braid entrelacer; tresser
entwine entortiller; entrelacer rembobiner
interlace enlacer; entrecroiser; entrelacer; entremêler; tisser enlacer; largement munir de; torsader
intertwine enlacer; entrelacer; entremêler; tisser enlacer; torsader
interweave enlacer; entrecroiser; entrelacer; entremêler; tisser largement munir de; s'emboîter; s'enclencher; tisser
plait entrelacer; tresser
plait in entrelacer; tresser
twine enlacer; entrelacer; tresser

Synonyms for "entrelacer":

Wiktionary Translations for entrelacer:

  1. enlacer l’un dans l’autre.
  1. to combine two things through weaving
  2. To become twined together
  3. To twine something together
  4. -
  5. to cross one with another
  6. to cross one another as if woven together
  7. To twist or twine around something (or one another)