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  1. facette DMF:


Detailed Translations for facette DMF from French to English

facette DMF:

facette DMF

  1. facette DMF (facette; Facette)
    the facet; the Declarative Management Framework Facet; the Facet
    – A set of logical pre-defined properties that model the behavior or characteristics for certain types of managed targets (such as a database, table, login, view,etc) in policy-based management. 1

Translation Matrix for facette DMF:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Declarative Management Framework Facet Facette; facette; facette DMF
Facet Facette; facette; facette DMF
facet Facette; facette; facette DMF angle; aspect; facette; optique; point de vue; égard

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