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Detailed Translations for flux de données from French to English

flux de données:

flux de données

  1. flux de données
    the stream; the data stream
    – The flow of data from a source to a single receiver that flows through a channel, as opposed to packets, which may be addressed and routed independently, possibly to multiple recipients. 1
  2. flux de données
    the data flow
    – The movement of data through a group of connected elements that extract, transform, and load data. 1
  3. flux de données
    the dataflow
    – In a DFD model, an exchange of information between processes. Data flows represent discrete packets of data that flow into and out of processes. 1
  4. flux de données
    the data feed
    – An XML data stream in Atom 1.0 format. 1
  5. flux de données (flux)
    the stream
    – Digital media that is delivered in a continuous flow across a network. 1

Translation Matrix for flux de données:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
data feed flux de données
data flow flux de données
data stream flux de données
dataflow flux de données
stream flux; flux de données affluence; afflux; courant; fleuve; flot; flux; marée haute; marée montante; rivière; ruisseau; torrent
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
stream couler; découler de; resulter de; s'écouler; transmettre en continu

Wiktionary Translations for flux de données:

flux de données
  1. a sequence of digitally encoded coherent signals used in a transmission

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