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Detailed Translations for frange from French to English


frange [la ~] noun

  1. la frange (chichis; façons; manières; )
    the fuss
  2. la frange (éraillure)
    the frills; the fringe; the trimmings; the ravel; the trimming
  3. la frange
    the stripe; the strip line
    – Horizontal or vertical ranges that set the background pattern of the chart in regular or custom intervals. You can use strip lines to improve readability for looking up individual values on the chart, highlight dates that occur at regular intervals, or highlight a specific key range. 1

Translation Matrix for frange:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
frills frange; éraillure falabas; falbalas; fanfreluches
fringe frange; éraillure application; bord; cordonnet; frange de cheveux; galon; liseré; lisière; marge; passement; passepoil; ruban
fuss chichis; cérémonies; effilochure; façons; frange; manières; éraillure brouhaha; bruit; cas; chamailleries; chichis; chinoiseries; commotion; difficulté; embarras; emmerdement; emmerdements; engueulades; ennuis; esbroufe; histoires; prolixité; querelles; remue-ménage; rumeur; tam-tam; tapage; tracas; tumulte; vacarme; verbosité; éclat
ravel frange; éraillure effilochure; éraillure
strip line frange
stripe frange bande; barre; corde; câble; file; ligne; règle; stries; trait
trimming frange; éraillure application; bord; cordonnet; dentelle; décoration; enjolivement; fait de tailler; galon; garniture; liseré; lisière; marge; passement; passepoil; ruban
trimmings frange; éraillure décorations; garnissages; garniture; ornements; parures
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
fringe border; encadrer; ourler
stripe rayer; tracer des lignes

Synonyms for "frange":

Wiktionary Translations for frange:

  1. bordure effilochée décorative
  1. light or dark band formed by the diffraction of light
  2. part of the hair
  3. a decorative border
en-plural noun
  1. hair that hangs down over the forehead

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