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  1. métadonnée:


Detailed Translations for métadonnée from French to English



  1. métadonnée (métadonnées)
    the metadata
    – Information about the properties or structure of data that is not part of the values the data contains. 1
  2. métadonnée (métadonnée clr)
    the CLR metadata; the metadata
    – Information that describes every element managed by the common language runtime: an assembly, loadable file, type, method, and so on. This can include information required for debugging and garbage collection, as well as security attributes, marshaling data, extended class and member definitions, version binding, and other information required by the runtime. 1

Translation Matrix for métadonnée:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
CLR metadata métadonnée; métadonnée clr
metadata métadonnée; métadonnée clr; métadonnées