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Detailed Translations for orphelin from French to English


orphelin [le ~] noun

  1. l'orphelin (orpheline)
    the orphan child
  2. l'orphelin
    the orphan
  3. l'orphelin
    the orphan
    – A member of a mirrored volume or a RAID-5 volume that has failed due to a severe cause, such as a loss of power or a complete hard-disk head failure. When this happens, the fault-tolerant driver determines that it can no longer use the orphaned member and directs all new reads and writes to the remaining members of the fault-tolerant volume. 1

Translation Matrix for orphelin:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
orphan orphelin ligne orpheline; orpheline
orphan child orphelin; orpheline

Synonyms for "orphelin":

Wiktionary Translations for orphelin:

  1. Qui a perdu son père et sa mère, ou l’un des deux.
  1. enfant qui a perdre son père et sa mère.
  1. person whose (parent or) parents have died

Cross Translation:
orphelin orphan Waise — elternloses Kind
orphelin orphan WaisenkindFamilie: ein Kind aus einer Familie, das verwaiste auf Grund dessen, weil die Eltern ums Leben gekommen sind
orphelin orphan wees — (minderjarige) persoon wiens vader en/of moeder is gestorven
orphelin orphan boy; orphan weesjongen — een jongen van wie beide ouders overleden zijn

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