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Detailed Translations for panoramique from French to English


panoramique noun

  1. panoramique
    the pan-scan
    – A DVD display format in which a 16x9 video is cropped for display in a 4x3 window, by using parameters defined by the video author. 1
  2. panoramique
    the pan; the panning
    – In computer graphics, a display method in which a viewing window on the screen scans horizontally or vertically, like a camera, to bring offscreen extensions of the current image smoothly into view. 1

Translation Matrix for panoramique:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
pan panoramique baril; bassine; cuve; cuvette; fût; glaçon; mouvement panoramique; seau; tonne; tonneau
pan-scan panoramique
panning panoramique mouvement panoramique

Synonyms for "panoramique":

Wiktionary Translations for panoramique:

  1. with a wide view
  2. filmed in a greater aspect ratio
  1. screen with a wider than normal aspect ratio