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Detailed Translations for partition from French to English


partition noun

  1. partition (partition de disque)
    the partition; the disk partition
    – A section of space on a physical disk that functions as if it were a separate disk. 1
  2. partition
    the partition
    – A class used as a proxy for gaining greater code coverage in unit testing. 1
  3. partition
    the shard
    – database generated as product of splitting a large database into chunks ("sharding") in a distributed scalable database system 1

Translation Matrix for partition:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
disk partition partition; partition de disque
partition partition; partition de disque barrage; cloison; cloison transversale; clôture; distribution; division; fermeture; fermoir; grille; mur mitoyen; paroi; partage; répartition; sécrétion; ségrégation; séparation; treillage; verrouillage
shard partition fragment; morceau; tesson; écharde; éclat; éclat de bois; éclisse

Synonyms for "partition":

Wiktionary Translations for partition:

  1. Ensemble de toutes les parties d’une composition musicale (1)
  2. Sous-ensemble d’un disque dur (3)
  1. sheet music
  2. section of a hard disk separately formatted
  3. musical composition in a format indicating how the composition is to be played
  4. hand-written or printed form of musical notation