Detailed Translations for pierres from French to English


pierres [la ~] noun

  1. la pierres (roche; pierre)
    the rocks
  2. la pierres
    the stones
  3. la pierres (pierres précieuses; bijoux)
    the gemstones; the precious stones; the jewels; the bijous
  4. la pierres (joailleries; bijoux; joyaux)
    the gems; the jewellery; the bijous; the jewels; the ornaments; the stones

Translation Matrix for pierres:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bijous bijoux; joailleries; joyaux; pierres; pierres précieuses bijoux
gems bijoux; joailleries; joyaux; pierres bijoux
gemstones bijoux; pierres; pierres précieuses
jewellery bijoux; joailleries; joyaux; pierres bijou; bijoux; joyau; parure; perle; pierre précieuse
jewels bijoux; joailleries; joyaux; pierres; pierres précieuses bijoux
ornaments bijoux; joailleries; joyaux; pierres bijoux; joyaux
precious stones bijoux; pierres; pierres précieuses pierre précieuse
rocks pierre; pierres; roche
stones bijoux; joailleries; joyaux; pierres bloc de rocher; caillou; cailloux; pierre; pierrerie; roc; roche; rocher

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