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  1. plan de site:


Detailed Translations for plan de site from French to English

plan de site:

plan de site

  1. plan de site
    the site plan
    – A drawing used for residential and commercial landscape design, parks planning, yard layouts, plat maps, outdoor recreational facilities, and irrigation systems. Uses a scale of 1:200. A type of building plan. 1
  2. plan de site (carte de site)
    the site map
    – A file or other store that describes the logical layout of a Web site (as distinct from the physical layout of pages). Site maps are used by site navigation controls to display navigation using a menu, tree view, or SiteMapPath (breadcrumb) control. 1
  3. plan de site (fichier de plan de site)
    the site map; the site map file
    – A Web site file that lists the URLs in the Web site that are available for search engines to index. 1

Translation Matrix for plan de site:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
site map carte de site; fichier de plan de site; plan de site
site map file fichier de plan de site; plan de site
site plan plan de site abrégé; aperçu; aperçu de la situation; condensé; dessin; dessin des lieux; exposé; plan; récapitulation; résumé; sommaire

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