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Detailed Translations for programme from French to English


programme [le ~] noun

  1. le programme (émission; retransmission; radiodiffusion)
    the radio program
  2. le programme (application)
    the application; the program; the app
    – A set of instructions that a computer uses to perform a specific task, such as word processing, accounting, or data management. 1
  3. le programme
    the program; the programme
    – A collective grouping of projects, usually including a common set of goals, plans and measurement of success, that is managed and delivered in a coordinated way. 1

Translation Matrix for programme:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
app application; programme
application application; programme application; application Commerce Server; application de gestion des informations professionnelles; demande d'emploi; emploi; mise; mise à prix; postulation; usage; utilisation
program application; programme
programme programme
radio program programme; radiodiffusion; retransmission; émission
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
program programmer
programme programmer

Synonyms for "programme":

Wiktionary Translations for programme:

  1. Écrit donnant le détail d’un événement ou d'une succession d'événements
  1. a list of planned events
  2. a computer program
  3. set of structured activities
  4. leaflet listing information about a play, game or other activity
  5. software application
  6. a summary of topic

Cross Translation:
programme program programma — een applicatie voor de computer
programme programme; program; cycle Programm — eine Folge von Anweisungen für eine Maschine (häufig für einen Computer) oder Anlage
programme schedule Programm — alle Veranstaltungen, Darbietungen oder Aufführungen in zeitlich festgelegter Reihenfolge bei Theater, Oper, Kino, Rundfunk oder Ähnlichem
programme programme; program Programm — ein Konzept zum Erreichen bestimmter Ziele
programme programme; program Programm — ein Blatt oder Heft, in dem das Programm[3] steht


programmer verb (programme, programmes, programmons, programmez, )

  1. programmer
    to program; programme
    – write a computer program 2
    • program verb, American (programs, programmed, programming)
    • programme verb, British

Conjugations for programmer:

  1. programme
  2. programmes
  3. programme
  4. programmons
  5. programmez
  6. programment
  1. programmais
  2. programmais
  3. programmait
  4. programmions
  5. programmiez
  6. programmaient
passé simple
  1. programmai
  2. programmas
  3. programma
  4. programmâmes
  5. programmâtes
  6. programmèrent
futur simple
  1. programmerai
  2. programmeras
  3. programmera
  4. programmerons
  5. programmerez
  6. programmeront
subjonctif présent
  1. que je programme
  2. que tu programmes
  3. qu'il programme
  4. que nous programmions
  5. que vous programmiez
  6. qu'ils programment
conditionnel présent
  1. programmerais
  2. programmerais
  3. programmerait
  4. programmerions
  5. programmeriez
  6. programmeraient
passé composé
  1. ai programmé
  2. as programmé
  3. a programmé
  4. avons programmé
  5. avez programmé
  6. ont programmé
  1. programme!
  2. programmez!
  3. programmons!
  4. programmé
  5. programmant
1. je, 2. tu, 3. il/elle/on, 4. nous, 5. vous, 6. ils/elles

Translation Matrix for programmer:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
program application; programme
programme programme
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
program programmer
programme programmer

Synonyms for "programmer":

Wiktionary Translations for programmer:

  1. Écrire, développer un programme informatique
  1. write software programs
  2. enter a program or other instructions into a computer
  3. put together the schedule of an event
  4. To plan an activity at a specific date or time

Cross Translation:
programmer program programmierenInformatik: ein Computer-Programm schreiben/entwickeln

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