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Detailed Translations for propagation from French to English


propagation [la ~] noun

  1. la propagation (diffusion; expansion; étendue; publication; distribution)
    the expansion
  2. la propagation (propagation d'événements)
    the bubbling; the event bubbling
    – In Windows Presentation Foundation, an event routing strategy where the event instance moves up the element tree (starting with the source and ending at the root of the visual tree). 1
  3. la propagation (propagation d'index)
    the propagation; the index propagation
    – The process of distributing an index from a content index server to one or more Web servers for the purposes of providing search. 1

Translation Matrix for propagation:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bubbling propagation; propagation d'événements bouillonnement
event bubbling propagation; propagation d'événements
expansion diffusion; distribution; expansion; propagation; publication; étendue accroissement; agrandissement; annexe; augmentation; croissance; expansion; extension; grossissement; hausse; haussement; montée; progrès; rehaussement; suppléance; épaississement
index propagation propagation; propagation d'index
propagation propagation; propagation d'index

Synonyms for "propagation":

Wiktionary Translations for propagation:

  1. Action de propager, multiplication, reproduction.
  1. the act of revealing something

Cross Translation:
propagation propagation propagatie — scheikunde|nld een groeireactie
propagation propagation propagatie — voortplanting of uitbreiding
propagation spread; distribution; circulation Verbreitung — die (bewusste oder unbewusste) Handlung des verbreiten; eine Sache weitergeben und somit vervielfachen