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Detailed Translations for radiation from French to English


radiation [la ~] noun

  1. la radiation (rayonnement; rayon; irradiation)
    the radiation
  2. la radiation (rayage; exclusion)
    the expulsion; the removal; the pushing out
  3. la radiation (action d'enlever un objet ou une personne d'un registre; annulation)
    the deregistration

Translation Matrix for radiation:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
deregistration action d'enlever un objet ou une personne d'un registre; annulation; radiation
expulsion exclusion; radiation; rayage bannissement; conjuration; disqualification; déportation; exclusion; excommunication; exil; exorcisation; exorcisme; expulsion; mise en fuite; refoulement
pushing out exclusion; radiation; rayage
radiation irradiation; radiation; rayon; rayonnement irradiation; rayonnement; reflet
removal exclusion; radiation; rayage biffure; cessation; déménagement; fermeture; liquidation; migration; rature; soulèvement; suppression; émigration

Synonyms for "radiation":

Wiktionary Translations for radiation:

  1. Action de radier.
  2. Propagation d’énergie.
  1. shooting forth of anything from a point or surface
  2. radioactive energy

Cross Translation:
radiation radiation Strahlung — die Ausbreitung von Teilchen oder Wellen in eine bestimmte Richtung

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