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  1. sentir mauvais:


Detailed Translations for sentir mauvais from French to English

sentir mauvais:

sentir mauvais verb

  1. sentir mauvais (puer; empester)
    to smell; to stink; to have something fishy about it
    • smell verb (smells, smelled, smelling)
    • stink verb (stinks, stank, stinking)
    • have something fishy about it verb (has something fishy about it, had something fishy about it, having something fishy about it)

Translation Matrix for sentir mauvais:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
smell arôme; bouquet; odeur; parfum; senteur
stink mauvaise odeur; puanteur
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
have something fishy about it empester; puer; sentir mauvais
smell empester; puer; sentir mauvais embaumer; exhaler; flairer; fleurer; fouiller; fouiner; fourrer le nez dans; fureter
stink empester; puer; sentir mauvais

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