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Detailed Translations for surcharge from French to English


surcharge [la ~] noun

  1. la surcharge
    the preponderate
  2. la surcharge
    the overburdening
  3. la surcharge (supplément)
    the surcharge
    – an additional charge (as for items previously omitted or as a penalty for failure to exercise common caution or common skill) 1

Translation Matrix for surcharge:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
overburdening surcharge
preponderate surcharge
surcharge supplément; surcharge centimes additionnels; impôt direct; montant supplémentaire; supplément; surtaxe; surtaxe postale

Synonyms for "surcharge":

Wiktionary Translations for surcharge:

  1. Charge ajoutée à la charge ordinaire
  2. Charge de travail supplémentaire
  3. programmation|nocat=1
  1. addition of extra charge


surcharger verb (surcharge, surcharges, surchargeons, surchargez, )

  1. surcharger
    to overload; to overburden
    • overload verb (overloads, overloaded, overloading)
    • overburden verb (overburdens, overburdened, overburdening)
  2. surcharger
    to overload
    – Declare at least two versions of a method that have the same name but different signatures. 2
    • overload verb (overloads, overloaded, overloading)
  3. surcharger (couvrir de; ensevelir; enfouir; )
    to overwhelm
    • overwhelm verb (overwhelms, overwhelmed, overwhelming)
  4. surcharger (épater; envahir; accabler; terrasser; bluffer)
    to daze; stupify; to overcome
    • daze verb (dazes, dazed, dazing)
    • stupify verb
    • overcome verb (overcomes, overcame, overcoming)

Conjugations for surcharger:

  1. surcharge
  2. surcharges
  3. surcharge
  4. surchargeons
  5. surchargez
  6. surchargent
  1. surchargeais
  2. surchargeais
  3. surchargeait
  4. surchargions
  5. surchargiez
  6. surchargeaient
passé simple
  1. surchargeai
  2. surchargeas
  3. surchargea
  4. surchargeâmes
  5. surchargeâtes
  6. surchargèrent
futur simple
  1. surchargerai
  2. surchargeras
  3. surchargera
  4. surchargerons
  5. surchargerez
  6. surchargeront
subjonctif présent
  1. que je surcharge
  2. que tu surcharges
  3. qu'il surcharge
  4. que nous surchargions
  5. que vous surchargiez
  6. qu'ils surchargent
conditionnel présent
  1. surchargerais
  2. surchargerais
  3. surchargerait
  4. surchargerions
  5. surchargeriez
  6. surchargeraient
passé composé
  1. ai surchargé
  2. as surchargé
  3. a surchargé
  4. avons surchargé
  5. avez surchargé
  6. ont surchargé
  1. surcharge!
  2. surchargez!
  3. surchargeons!
  4. surchargé
  5. surchargeant
1. je, 2. tu, 3. il/elle/on, 4. nous, 5. vous, 6. ils/elles

Translation Matrix for surcharger:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
daze accabler; bluffer; envahir; surcharger; terrasser; épater
overburden surcharger
overcome accabler; bluffer; envahir; surcharger; terrasser; épater apprivoiser; arriver; convaincre; dominer; dompter; envahir; gagner; maîtriser; posséder; remporter une victoire; soumettre; terrasser; triompher; vaincre
overload surcharger
overwhelm accabler de; combler de; couvrir de; enfouir; ensevelir; envahir de; inonder de; submerger de; surcharger apprivoiser; arriver; dominer; dompter; envahir; gagner; maîtriser; posséder; soumettre; terrasser; vaincre
stupify accabler; bluffer; envahir; surcharger; terrasser; épater
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
overcome pris; saisi

Synonyms for "surcharger":

Wiktionary Translations for surcharger:

  1. imposer une charge excessif, un trop grand fardeau.
  1. to charge more than correct amount