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  1. tomber de:


Detailed Translations for tomber de from French to English

tomber de:

tomber de verb

  1. tomber de (chuter; tomber)
    to fall down
    • fall down verb (falls down, fell down, falling down)
  2. tomber de (tomber)
    to fall off
    • fall off verb (falls off, fell off, falling off)

Translation Matrix for tomber de:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
fall down chuter; tomber; tomber de abattre qn; basculer; basculer qn; culbuter; culbuter qn; dégringoler; faire tomber; faire une rechute; rabattre qn; s'écraser; tomber; tomber par terre
fall off tomber; tomber de

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