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Detailed Translations for bec from French to Spanish


bec [le ~] noun

  1. le bec (gueule; museau)
    la mandíbulas; la boca; el pico; la bocaza
  2. le bec (bec d'oiseau)
    el pico
  3. le bec (museau; gueule; groin)
    la boca; el pico; la bocaza

Translation Matrix for bec:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
boca bec; clapet; groin; gueule; museau bouche; embouchure
bocaza bec; clapet; groin; gueule; museau bavard; bavarde; bavardeur; bouche
mandíbulas bec; gueule; museau
pico bec; bec d'oiseau; bec verseur; clapet; groin; gueule; museau becs; bouche; cime; comble; pic; point culminant; pointe; sommet; sommet d'une montagne; summum

Synonyms for "bec":

Wiktionary Translations for bec:

  1. Partie qui tient lieu de bouche aux oiseaux

Cross Translation:
bec pico beak — structure projecting from a bird's face
bec pico bill — bird's beak
bec beso kiss — touch with the lips
bec pico snavel — een bek van een vogel
bec pico SchnabelZoologie: das Mundwerkzeug bestimmter Tiere

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