Detailed Translations for degradatie from Dutch to English


degradatie [de ~ (v)] noun

  1. de degradatie (verlaging; terugzetting)
    the degradation; the demotion; the disrating
  2. de degradatie
    the degradation
    – In computer systems, a reduction in level of performance or service. Degradation in microcomputer performance is indicated by slow response times or frequent pauses for disk access because memory is insufficient to hold an entire program plus the data the program is using. 1

Translation Matrix for degradatie:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
degradation degradatie; terugzetting; verlaging ontering; verlaging; vernedering
demotion degradatie; terugzetting; verlaging degradatie van een werknemer
disrating degradatie; terugzetting; verlaging

Related Words for "degradatie":

  • degradaties

Wiktionary Translations for degradatie:

  1. afbraak

Cross Translation:
degradatie relegation AbstiegSport: der Wechsel in eine niedrigere Liga oder Klasse
degradatie lowering; pulling down; dropping; reduction; dip; abasement; humiliation; fall; subsidence; sinking; cut; couching; prolapse; derogation; decay; destruction; ruin; adversity; failure; abatement; decrease; diminishment; curtailment; retrenchment; descent; decrepitude; abjection; abjectness; degradation; demotion; disrating; relegation; reduction to the ranks; deterioration abaissementaction d’abaisser, de s’abaisser, ou résultat de cette action.