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Detailed Translations for betaling from Dutch to English


betaling [de ~ (v)] noun

  1. de betaling
    the payment; the pay-off; the compensation
  2. de betaling
    the payment
  3. de betaling
    the checkout
    – The process of finalizing a purchase on a Web site. For example, when customers shop on your Web site, they may select several items and save them in their shopping basket. When they have finished shopping, they click on a checkout link or graphical button that takes them to an online form where they enter their name, billing address, payment type, and shipping information. 1
  4. de betaling
    the payment
    – A transaction to record money that is paid to a supplier or customer for goods or services received. A payment transaction decreases the balance for a customer or vendor. 1
  5. de betaling
    the payment
    – The amount of money that an employee receives in a check or direct deposit. 1
  6. de betaling
    the payment
    – A past, present, or future settlement of an obligation. 1

Translation Matrix for betaling:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
checkout betaling
compensation betaling aanzuivering; afkoopwaarde; arbeidsloon; bezoldiging; compensatie; compenseren; contraprestatie; gage; herstelbetaling; honorarium; indemnisatie; kostenvergoeding; loon; restituties; salaris; schade-uitkering; schadeloosstelling; schadevergoeding; smartengeld; soldij; tegemoetkoming; tegen prestatie opwegende actie; tegendienst; tegenprestatie; terugbetalingen; traktement; uitbetalingen bij schade; verdienste; vergoeden; vergoeding; wedde; wederdienst
pay-off betaling
payment betaling aanzuivering; afbetaling; afrekening; arbeidsloon; betalen; bezoldiging; dokken; gage; honorarium; kostenvergoeding; loon; restituties; salaris; soldij; terugbetalingen; traktement; uitbetaling; uitkering; verdienste; vereffening; vergoeding; verrekening; voldoen; wedde

Wiktionary Translations for betaling:

  1. het onderhandigen of overboeken van geld in ruil voor goed of dienst
  1. the act of paying
  2. a sum of money paid in exchange for goods or services

Cross Translation:
betaling payment Zahlung — der erfolgte Besitzerwechsel einer bestimmten Summe Geldes
betaling payment Zahlungohne Plural: der Vorgang des Zahlens
betaling payment paiement — Ce qui se donner pour acquitter une dette.
betaling payment payesalaire ou rémunération d’un travail.
betaling payment versement — finance|fr action de verser de l’argent dans une caisse.

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